Nut and Legume Free Recipes

Family favourites of mine. Check every label every time as things can and do change. Always check ingredients for your own allergens!

Spaghetti Bolognese
A firm favourite in our house. It’s also my favourite way of sneaking a lot of vegetables into a meal that they thoroughly enjoy. I actually blend the veg into a sauce using the wonderful Secret Veg Sauce recipe. I like using Quorn mince, because I’m not a fan of meat, and even my omnivorous husband likes it. 

Macaroni Cheese 
My eldest is always requesting this! I boil the pasta with some broccoli and smother in home-made cheese sauce. Some mac cheese recipes call for peas which we obviously don’t use – as well as broccoli you could try adding sweetcorn or cauliflower. There’s a great recipe here.

Baked Fish Recipe
Fish baked with cherry tomatoes, chopped bacon, garlic and balsamic vinegar. You can find my recipe here.

The youngest, who’s 4, will sometimes only eat ‘rice and naan’, but this one is a child-friendly, non-spicy curry which adults will also enjoy. I throw chicken thighs, diced sweet potato, a tin of coconut milk and a jar of Sainsbury’s Korma Paste (always check ingredients) into the slow cooker before work, then serve with basmati rice.

Chicken Fajitas!
Whether you’re buying the wraps and making your own mix, or using a ready-to-go packet, Fajitas are a great choice for kids as they can pick what they want to put into the wraps. We choose the mild ones and add diced chicken and chopped peppers. We then serve with corn on the cobs and Mexican rice, ensuring we choose the right packet and check all the ingredients (if you’re allergic to beans, note that some of the Spicy Mexican Rice mixes contain beans).

Roast Dinner
Especially in the winter, our family enjoys a roast chicken with stuffing, Yorkshires and a plethora of vegetables. I like to save time by using Aunt Bessie’s roast potatoes! Cauliflower cheese is a comforting side dish.

Another firm favourite, which I either pan-cook or slow-cook. Ingredients include Cajun seasoning, diced chicken, king prawns, tinned tomatoes, peppers and Choritzo sausage. Find a recipe online and just switch out your allergens for foods you can all enjoy. Schwartz does a handy packet mix if you don’t want to buy all the spices separately. I’ve made this including the aforementioned Secret Veg Sauce, too.

Sweet Potato and Chocolate Loaf
This is the most delicious cake. My children love it and we’ve made it for dinner parties too. My recipe shows adaptations for dairy-free, egg free or vegan diets too. Thank me later.

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