Living on the South Coast of England, I am Mum to two busy boys, one of whom has multiple legume and tree nut allergies which we discovered when he was just a baby.

We have been managing these allergies for ten years now, ensuring we manage risk appropriately, avoid drama, and enjoy our life – including eating in restaurants and going on holiday.

I’m not medically qualified, ‘just’ a Mum who’s devoted to advocating for my son and for others with similar allergies. I am keen to dispel allergy myths and spread awareness to help make the world a more allergy-friendly place.

I started the Legume Allergy Support Group on Facebook a couple of years ago, alongside my original blog Nut and Legume Allergy Mum.

My blog posts may provide useful anecdotal information to some, whilst the recipes could be helpful in giving meal planning ideas to others with some or all of the same allergies. We avoid most legumes, including peanuts, as well as most tree nuts.


I do accept guest posts if they are relevant to my site and are 500-2000 words in length and have not been published elsewhere (including on your own site). If you have your own allergy story to tell, or would like to share a favourite legume-free recipe, or your advice on living with allergies, please email

Occasionally I run sponsored content on this page to share useful products and services with my readers. If you have a relevant product and would like to discuss this further, please email