Our favourite sweet treats

From the time we started going to other babies’ birthday parties, it became obvious I needed to pack a selection of nut-free bribes in the Pacapod to lure my son away from the cakes and other potentially harmful foods he so desperately wanted!

Here’s a list of our top 10 nut-free treats. Please don’t use this as absolute confirmation that these are safe as manufacturer’s recipes and labels change from time to time. Always read the label and check with the manufacturer if unsure.

  1. McVities Jaffa Cakes.
    An all time favourite of mine, and I was amused and slightly embarrassed that “Jaffa” was one of my son’s early words!
  2. Oreo biscuits.
  3. Bahlsen Choco Leibniz biscuits. Update – these used to be safe but now are ‘may contain’.
  4. TUC crackers – the plain ones and NOT the ones with the cream sandwich filling, as they do carry a warning.
  5. Cadburys Chocolate Buttons. Check the packet though as it depends where they are made.
  6. Milkybar and Milkybar buttons. Worth noting though that their Easter eggs are NOT safe.
  7. Bear Yo-Yos. Amazingly just fruit, but kids think they’re sweets: get in.
  8. Marshmallows. Pick carefully and check labels. These are a huge hit!
  9. Cadburys Time Out.
  10. Home made cakes. If you don’t have time, Betty Crocker cake mix and icing have some great options which save lots of time and effort.

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